Learn to code or not learn to code

Recently a veteran programmer and blogger Jeff Atwood wrote a blog post titled “Please Do n’t learn to code” on which he cautioned coding is not for everybody.The blog post led to a big debate on  HN  community which showed mixed emotions among entrepreneurs and programmers.

For  a newbie learner like me this is pretty depressing to hear from an experienced hacker that I should not learn to code and keep doing the job what I am doing now.

But there were some interesting blog posts especially from Justin Kan  and  from Zed Shaw which made me think that it is worth to give it a shot how to learn to code. As Peter Norvig says it, it will take at least 10 years or 10000 hr of work (grind) to become a giant in any field. So I may not become a top notch programmer ( 0.1%) given the amount of time I am going to devote. However if I can take an idea that is stinging my head for a while and develop a prototype to test my hypothesis about it’s usefulness then hell  yea, I am going to learn how to code. So I made up my mind and applied for Bloc which is a 8 week immersion in learning Ruby on rails. Recently I got selected to Bloc.io and have started the journey. I know this will not be a smooth ride but I am going to give it a full shot as Wayne Gretzky has said it “You miss 100% of the shots that you do not take”.

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